Coilcraft: Key Parameters for Selecting RF Inductors

July 07, 2016 // By Chris Hare, Applications Engineer

RF inductor selection involves a number of key parameters including: mounting (surface mount or through-hole), inductance value, current rating, DC resistance (DCR), self-resonant frequency (SRF), Q factor, and temperature rating. While small size is typically desired, the laws of physics limit how small an inductor can be for a given application. Inductance value and current rating are the chief determinants of size. Once they have been calculated, other parameters can be optimized.

This application note reviews and explains the key performance parameters engineers need to understand when specifying RF inductors.
RF inductor, inductance value, current rating, DC resistance, DCR, self-resonant frequency, SRF, Q factor, surface mount inductors, through hole inductors, high-frequency choke, RF filter

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