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May 02, 2012 // By Jean-Pierre Joosting
Agilent Technologies has announced four X-Series signal generators that claim unmatched performance in phase noise, output power, ACPR, EVM and bandwidth. With these capabilities, the latest MXG and EXG products (available in analog and vector models) support the development of components and receivers that meet the complex challenges of mitigating interference, speeding data throughput and increasing signal quality in applications such as radar, military communications and consumer wireless.
time. Total nonrepeating signal length is a general benefit for virtually any signal type. For example, reducing “time to first fix” requires several minutes of continuous simulation to optimize receiver correlation algorithms.

Another advantage of real-time generation is the ability to do closed-loop testing, which is of increasing importance in the latest digital wireless standards. Closed-loop testing is especially valuable in throughput testing of real-world channels. Two example configurations are shown in Figure 4. In testing such as LTE HARQ, the X-Series signal generators can receive TTL-level feedback signals and reconfigure the transmission signal while maintaining the link. This enables more realistic testing of throughput over impaired channels.

Figure 4: Support for closed-loop real-time testing is beneficial when working with the latest digital standards. "Reproduced with Permission, Courtesy of Agilent Technologies, Inc."

Deep arb memory and real-time signal generation in one unit

The replay of an arbitrary waveform file is often a better, simpler way to handle signal-simulation applications. In such cases, an important but simple technical advance is deep waveform memory: the MXG has up to 1 GSa and the EXG has up to 512 MSa. With 1 GSa, the MXG can provide a minimum of five seconds and as much as hours of continuous signal without repeating depending on sample rate—a capability that generally exceeds conformance requirements and can, in some cases, provide an alternative to real-time signal generation.

Watch the video to see how the X-Series signal generators reveal the true performance of devices: www.youtube.com/AgilentSigGen.


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