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February 10, 2014 // By Jean-Pierre Joosting
As wireless technology continues to evolve, the rise of the smartphone continues to gather pace along with the challenges of cost-effectively producing many millions of these devices. One critical component in the manufacturing chain is ensuring that test times for smartphones remain reasonable.
also between the production lines and factories.

The JOT M10 functional test system consists of M10 test boxes, M10 test rack, and M10 test handler. The M10 test boxes come with integrated test electronics and are available both as RF and non-RF variants, supporting both module and panel-level testing.

In a production environment, M10 test boxes can be accommodated to M10 test rack together with third-party test instruments. The M10 test rack with test boxes can be served manually or automatically with the M10 test handler. Further several M10s can be cascaded in a row. For maximum capacity, test phases can be split flexibly, both inside the rack and between the racks.

The JOT G3 and M10 are key to making automated testing of smartphones a reality.

Research and development

JOT Automation has been involved in mobile phone testing almost from the beginning. The company benefits from its extensive in-house expertise and the high-level of confidence key customers have in it. Automated test is an emerging industry in electronics led by JOT Automation. To this end the company has over 100 R&D engineers working on basic platform development, customising test systems for customers and on future technical challenges in automated test.

Every major company has their unique way of both developing and manufacturing mobile phones. This means that production test strategies are somewhat different as well. To address these issues, JOT Automation provides customized solutions for each customer. To achieve this, the company always try to have R&D engineers working closely with customers.

When customers decide to roll a product or invest in new equipment, these are often characterised by scale (massive), short time cycles, and a global footprint. JOT R&D work with the customer to address these issues. The company not only delivers automated test systems but is also able to develop such systems, deploy them and ensure maintenance — all on a global basis.

JOT Automation

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