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September 05, 2012 // By Julien Happich
Sponsored by the electron devices Society, the Solid State Circuits Society and the Japan Society of Applied Physics, the 2012 VLSI Symposia which took place last summer in Honolulu came as an opportunity for researchers to unveil new short-range wireless links and design concepts. Striking examples include inductive RF coupling solutions for in-chip communications or through-skull neural sensing data collection.
cm and 3 degree respectively — see figure 4.

Figure 4: Human breathing as seen over a distance of 3 m by the UWB impulse radio timed-array radar.

This UWB impulse radio timed-array radar system can identify multiple targets by measuring simultaneously both direction of arrival (DOA) and time of arrival (TOA) of the radio waves scattered by several objects.

What’s more, for high-fidelity detection, the scattering waveform of UWB pulses from the radio interaction between the radar and the detected objects can be reconstructed through the analogue signal processing array (ASP) of the radar receiver.

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