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April 04, 2012 // By John Payne IV, IMT Chief Technology Officer
Today, airborne downlinks are no longer limited to strategic command applications. More and more, first responders, fire departments, EMS, CBP and others are employing airborne downlinks to meet a diverse array of needs. Through the use of digital downlink technology, these systems are easier to use, eliminating the need for highly trained technical personnel to operate them. They also now have full-featured infrared cameras and secure digital COFDM transmitters, allowing users to share the video intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance information across multiple organizations and agencies.
dangerous situation. Law enforcement also finds this system useful in monitoring a potentially dangerous system from above.

For small, light-weight applications, the STx transmitter is an MPEG-4/COFDM transmitter that delivers HD/SD output at 250 mW, occupies less than five cubic inches at 0.16 lbs and can be mounted on virtually any small vehicle.

IMT also designs a broad range of receivers. For example, police receiver applications differ from those for firefighters: today’s police cars are filled with technology, basically functioning as a mobile command center. In contrast, the typical fire truck is usually equipped with a standard two-way radio, with its command center set up on site. Law enforcement customers typically have several central receive sites overlapping each other, with a control center for the whole network. For firefighting applications, most of their work is done outside of the truck, requiring a more mobile solution. This way, regardless of where you are in relation to the fire, you have access to the video feed from the helicopter above.

The Mobile Tactical Receiver is a diversity COFDM receiver that will receive the downlinked transmission and stream the video directly to the police car’s in-board computer system device, where the video is decoded and displayed. This allows a police officer or detective in the squad car to monitor a suspect’s activity from the road. This enables officers to make a visual identification and execute an arrest much more smoothly.

The Mobile VIEWER is a self-contained receiver and decoder with a display unit. This is suited for viewing downlink video on a self-contained package. It is specially designed to function under the rigorous environment requirements of a firefighter. It is lightweight, waterproof and fits inside the pocket of the fighter's jacket. An advanced version of the Mobile Viewer is the mobilCMDR. It features video and audio outputs allowing the video to be displayed on a large-screen display, dismountable antennas and an outboard high-endurance

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