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October 29, 2012 // By Agilent Technologies
For most, the phrase “precise microwave measurements” brings to mind a lab bench in a comfortable office. These days, more and more technicians and engineers need to make accurate measurements in less hospitable conditions: in a BTS during a snowstorm, aboard a ship sailing through rough seas, or at a satellite trailer in a sandstorm.
This means it’s immediately ready to make accurate measurements such as S11, S22, and VSWR.

Figure 3: Built calibration standards and alignment procedures enable precise measurements in the field.

To enhance spectrum analysis, we leveraged the PowerSuite measurements from Agilent spectrum and signal analyzers to the FieldFox handheld spectrum analyzers. This enables users to make fast, accurate one-button power measurements of channelized communication systems with ease and confidence.

FieldFox microwave spectrum analyzers save time by improving accuracy with InstaAlign, an internal amplitude alignment that occurs automatically as the environmental conditions change, without user intervention. This provides an industry-leading amplitude accuracy of ±.5 dB at power-up, with no warm up required. FieldFox is the only 26.5 GHz handheld spectrum analyzer with a built-in full-band tracking generator.

Figure 4: FieldFox microwave analyzers are the handheld extension of the best network and spectrum analyzers.
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Every piece of gear in a field kit has to prove its worth. Measuring up and earning a spot is the driving idea behind our FieldFox handheld microwave analyzers. They’re equipped to handle routine maintenance, in-depth troubleshooting and anything in between. Better yet, FieldFox delivers Agilent-quality microwave measurements virtually anywhere technicians and engineers need to go. When they add FieldFox to their kit, they literally carry precision with them.

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