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June 06, 2012 // By Gert Vluymans, Electro Rent Europe
The Quality of Service (QoS) issues that arise as a result of passive intermodulation can directly impact a Mobile Network Operator’s (MNO) ability to retain customer loyalty and minimise churn. For MNO’s an effective PIM management strategy is essential to improve quality and increase revenue.
band, applicable for GSM1800, LTE Band 3 and LTE Band 9. PIMPro is a ruggedized, field tool, with a flexible, touch screen, icon driven user interface, which enables PIM testing to be done swiftly, efficiently and with confidence by the field technician. As a compact, easy-to-use and fully portable unit it can be moved readily to the point of test, allowing a logical measurement process to be followed in order to troubleshoot PIM events efficiently.

Rent or buy

Electro Rent Europe can provide CCI’s range of PIMPro PIM analyzers on a sale, rental, lease or rent-purchase basis. By using Electro Rent Europe’s services MNO’s can get immediate access to the PIM solutions they need for their current technology and then migrate to new solutions as their technology evolves. In addition by renting or leasing MNOs can shift their equipment investment from capital to operational expenditure minimising their balance sheet exposure.

David Saeys, General Manager for Electro Rent Europe commented, “At Electro Rent we always aim to keep pace with the technology demands of our customers. PIM testing is a critical issue in mobile communications. The challenge is to provide solutions that match the developments in mobile communications technology. CCI’s range of PIM testers is comprehensive and addresses all the current needs of our customers. In addition we know that CCI, as a well-established company committed to this industry, will continue to develop its products to meet our customers’ needs. By offering sales, rental and leasing services for CCI’s products we are helping our customers gain access to the testing solutions they need today while ensuring that we can continue to meet their requirements for the future.”

Passive Intermodulation

Passive intermodulation is one of the greatest challenges in today's mobile communication systems. Passive intermodulation arises due the signal degradation effects of passive elements within the transmission system. An incorrectly torqued connection, poorly maintained equipment, minor damage to an antenna or even

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