Increasing the realism of radar testing with an advanced signal scenario generator: Page 3 of 3

April 11, 2012 // By Beate Hoehne, Agilent Technologies
Radar designers face three seemingly contradictory imperatives: Increasing system capability while shrinking overall size and accelerating time-to-market. They face similar needs when creating systems capable of testing their new designs. All of these exist under today’s constant overarching driver: the need to reduce all associated costs, from up-front equipment purchases to on-going maintenance.
and future testing requirements.

The author

Beate Hoehne is the Product Manager for Pulse Pattern Generators, Digital Test Division, Agilent Technologies. Beate Hoehne designs and implements marketing strategies for the most comprehensive pulse and data generator product portfolio for Agilent Technologies’ Digital Verification Solutions Division. Beate is responsible for the marketing activities along the entire product life cycle.

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