Innovative 36 GHz SiGe chipset drives world's fastest 60-GHz real-time bandwidth oscilloscope

January 04, 2012 // By Jean-Pierre Joosting
LeCroy Corporation has announced its highest bandwidth (36 GHz) and highest sample rate (80 GS/s) silicon technologies in the LabMaster 10 Zi oscilloscopes. This advanced chipset represents technology capability well beyond that offered by other oscilloscope companies. When combined with the company's Digital Bandwidth Interleave (DBI) and LabMaster ChannelSync™ architecture, it delivers five times more channels, more silicon-based bandwidth, nearly double the silicon-based bandwidth using DBI, and pricing comparable to oscilloscopes with far less capability.

An industry first, the LabMaster 10 Zi povides four oscilloscope channels, all at silicon-based 36 GHz bandwidth (the highest available) and 80 GS/s sample rate in a single acquisition module, providing twice the bandwidth density of competitive oscilloscopes.

LeCroy's patented Digital Bandwidth Interleave (DBI) technology allows extension of the silicon-based 36 GHz bandwidth and 80 GS/s sample rate to 60 GHz and 160 GS/s by combining two 36 GHz channels. The 60 GHz real-time bandwidth is also an industry first, and is nearly twice the bandwidth rating of competitive 32 and 33 GHz oscilloscopes with an equivalent number of channels.

Furthermore, LeCroy's proprietary ChannelSync technology in the LabMaster 10 Zi oscilloscopes permits precise synchronization of up to twenty silicon-based 36-GHz / 80-GS/s channels and up to ten 60-GHz / 160-GS/s DBI channels--capability not offered by any other manufacturer, and an additional industry first. With this introduction, LeCroy definitively establishes its leadership position as the world's preeminent supplier of oscilloscopes.

"Our strategy has been to establish and leverage LeCroy's reputation as the performance leader in the most demanding super-high-end segment of the oscilloscope market," said LeCroy President and Chief Executive Officer Tom Reslewic . "In that market, cutting edge products are sought for the world's most demanding research and development applications. Our newly developed 36 GHz SiGe chipset, coupled with our unique and innovative DBI technology, allows us to make a significant performance leap with our new LabMaster 10 Zi series of real-time oscilloscopes."

Pushing the performance envelope

In addition to the industry leading bandwidth (60 GHz), sampling rate (160 GS/s), analysis memory (1024 Mpts/ch), high bandwidth channel density (four channels at 36 GHz in a single acquisition module), and channel count (up to ten channels at 60 GHz, up to twenty channels at 36 GHz), LabMaster 10 Zi also boasts a number of other industry firsts.

Trigger bandwidth is 30 GHz — twice that of the earlier WaveMaster 8 Zi-A

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