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January 04, 2012 // By Jean-Pierre Joosting
LeCroy Corporation has announced its highest bandwidth (36 GHz) and highest sample rate (80 GS/s) silicon technologies in the LabMaster 10 Zi oscilloscopes. This advanced chipset represents technology capability well beyond that offered by other oscilloscope companies. When combined with the company's Digital Bandwidth Interleave (DBI) and LabMaster ChannelSync™ architecture, it delivers five times more channels, more silicon-based bandwidth, nearly double the silicon-based bandwidth using DBI, and pricing comparable to oscilloscopes with far less capability.
and LabMaster 9 Zi-A oscilloscopes, and far more than is provided by competitive oscilloscopes. Jitter Noise Floor is a very low 100 fs(rms) for the 50 and 60 GHz models. Rise time (20-80%) is 5.5 ps for the 60 GHz model, and 9.75 ps for the 36 GHz model. Additionally, a 14.1 Gb/s 80-bit serial pattern trigger with support for 8b/10b and 64b/66b symbol triggering and PCI Express Generation 3.0 will be optionally available for LabMaster 10 Zi models. This trigger significantly enhances the value of LabMaster 10 Zi for high speed serial data debugging by providing ability to isolate errors to specific symbols and PCI Express link layer.

SiGe the technology enabler

LeCroy's silicon bandwidth advantage is due to years of accumulated experience with SiGe processes, most recently by obtaining 20 GHz of silicon bandwidth using 7HP SiGe. The latest ground-breaking LeCroy 36 GHz chipset is based on 8HP SiGe. SiGe is a widely adopted, mainstream, commercial process backed by chip technology leader IBM Semiconductor, with years of collective implementation knowledge and experience.

IBM's 8HP SiGe process is the fourth-generation SiGe process with two times the performance of the previous generation and up to 200 GHz transistor switching speeds. 8HP SiGe provides lower electrical noise for increased performance, which translates into a 3 to 4 dB baseline noise improvement compared to previously deployed 7HP SiGe. This equates to noise performance at 36 GHz, roughly equivalent to what is available in LeCroy or competitive 20 GHz oscilloscopes today. 8HP SiGe also provides lower power consumption, making possible a single acquisition module with twice the high bandwidth channel density available from other manufacturers.

DBI — pushing beyond raw chip bandwidth

DBI, a proprietary, patented LeCroy technology, provides the ability to double or triple the bandwidth available in raw silicon by splitting a high bandwidth signal into multiple paths of lower bandwidth, acquiring these lower bandwidth signals with best-in-class silicon chip technologies,

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