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January 04, 2012 // By Jean-Pierre Joosting
LeCroy Corporation has announced its highest bandwidth (36 GHz) and highest sample rate (80 GS/s) silicon technologies in the LabMaster 10 Zi oscilloscopes. This advanced chipset represents technology capability well beyond that offered by other oscilloscope companies. When combined with the company's Digital Bandwidth Interleave (DBI) and LabMaster ChannelSync™ architecture, it delivers five times more channels, more silicon-based bandwidth, nearly double the silicon-based bandwidth using DBI, and pricing comparable to oscilloscopes with far less capability.
and then re-assembling the separate lower bandwidth paths into a single high bandwidth path using digital signal processing (DSP). Sample rate and acquisition memory are likewise doubled or tripled along with the bandwidth.

DBI is the only method that allows real-time oscilloscope bandwidth to go beyond the limits of what is possible with chip bandwidth alone, and is an absolute necessity for those customers who are testing leading-edge technologies. The 60 GHz LabMaster 10 Zi acquisition module utilizes 7th generation LeCroy DBI to nearly double the bandwidth of the four channel 36 GHz silicon-based acquisition module and provide two additional channels at 60 GHz, 160 GS/s, and up to 1024 Mpts/ch of analysis memory.

Modular architecture

The LabMaster modular oscilloscope architecture separates the oscilloscope signal acquisition function from the display, control, and processing functions. The LabMaster Master Control Module (MCM-Zi) contains the display, controls, ChannelSync architecture, and a powerful server-class CPU. LabMaster 10 Zi Acquisition Modules, based on 8HP SiGe and DBI, provide silicon-based 36 GHz performance with up to 60 GHz on two channels. One LabMaster 10 Zi Master Control Module and one LabMaster 10 Zi Acquisition Module function as a single, conventional four channel 36 GHz oscilloscope, or as a conventional two channel 60 GHz and four channel 36 GHz oscilloscope. However, by using ChannelSync technology, up to five LabMaster 10 Zi Acquisition Modules can be perfectly synchronized, thus extending the already unique channel density performance by a factor of five to achieve up to 20 channels at 36 GHz and 10 channels at 60 GHz.

Additional models

To meet a variety of industry needs, LeCroy is also announcing models with silicon-based 25 and 30 GHz of bandwidth, each with 80 GS/s sampling rate on each channel. A model with 50 GHz of bandwidth and 160 GS/s of sample rate on two channels is also available. This model also has silicon-based 36 GHz performance. All new acquisition module

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