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April 01, 2015 // By Jean-Pierre Joosting
Back in July 2014, an Intel study indicated that 41% of IT managers and directors identified data protection as a key obstacle to overcome before the Internet of Things (IoT) could be fully embraced. 44% cited data encryption as the answer to this problem.
OneAccess experience in working with CSPs to develop this encryption-as-a-managed-service suggests that, as with most telco-managed services, subscription rates will be negotiated between the CSP and the customer on a case by case basis. An obvious key determinant here is the base cost of the service, but a number of other variables relative to each customers specific circumstances are also be taken into account, including the level of valueadd the service delivers to each customer in terms of security and service continuity, or the number of other managed services the CSP has bundled into a catch-all subscription.

The beauty in the model is its flexibility; unlike other off-the-shelf managed services, IoT connectivity is usually negotiated as an individual project, meaning that the supporting encryption component of the contract can be easily tailored to fit the project requirements of each customer.

Corporate hacks from dissident groups are at record levels and, if Edward Snowdens revelations are to be believed, clandestine state-sponsored surveillance is far more widespread than originally imagined. With this in mind, enterprise decision makers are right to tread carefully and insist on bulletproof encryption. After all, in the wrong hands, IoT data has the potential to expose an organisations operational weaknesses in almost immeasurably greater detail than a corporate hacks is able to achieve today.

CSPs can deliver the reassurances required and drive revenue at the same time. To do so, however, they need the right solution. This is yet another reason to celebrate the versatility and revenue-enabling qualities afforded by todays generation of CPE.

The author Pravin Mirchandani is CMO of OneAccess -

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