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June 18, 2014 // By Jean-Pierre Joosting
Aspen Electronics has been in the business of distributing electronic test equipment and components to literally thousands of customers in the UK and Europe for over 40 years. One thing that has become more demanding says MD Howard Venning, when reviewing the changes that have occurred over that time, is the need to demonstrate compliance with legislation.
In a recent example the US parent of a UK company sent us an excel spreadsheet to complete that details all the products from all the manufacturers we had supplied over the last few years. This we completed with the standard statement that we were a distributor and as such were not in a position to supply all the information required. We received a short email thanking us for our submission, but it pointed out that “we have detected that the list of smelters has not been provided.” At that point, which just happened to be 5.00pm on a Friday afternoon, I needed to make a serious management decision.

What was more important, trying to work out just how I was going to get the names of the smelters used by the supplier of the gold…. who supplied the gold dealer…. who supplied the gold distributor…. who supplied the plating shop…. that plated the center pin of the BNC connector…. produced by the connector manufacturer…. who supplied the distributor…. who supplied the manufacturer of the 50-ohm 25-W load, (which was just one of the 28 products on the list), or find a supplier that had an arrangement with the manufacturer of a complex product that demanded just as much time and effort to ensure quality was maintained throughout the supply chain bringing the customer a repeatable product ensuring the purchasing experience met all the criteria expected…. the pub won!

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