Modular instruments ensure measurement integrity and code compatibility across form factor and product lifecycle: Page 4 of 4

January 19, 2015 // By Allison Douglas, Keysight EMEA
In the Test & Measurement (T&M) industry today, there is a debate between T&M experts, equipment manufacturers and end-users: What is the best instrument form factor to achieve this test?
With both of these new products, Keysight continues our commitment to bring you the best measurement science and integrity, across a range of form factors. By offering both benchtop and modular instruments, Keysight is proposing a consultative approach with its customers to find the best solution to meet their individual needs. By ensuring consistent answers across diverse platforms, we put you in the strongest position to first focus on what’s needed and then optimize how to get there.

The author, Allison Douglas holds the position of Market Development Manager at Keysight EMEA.

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