Modular multi-standard readers tackle RFID migration process

May 26, 2014 // By Klaus Nagel, Elatec RFID Systems
Access regulation is one of the security precautions that every company takes most seriously. Large organisations that have to secure sprawling premises and large buildings are currently working with access solutions that come with RFID as standard.

However, there are a number of reasons to question existing identification solutions: Security concerns over aging RFID standards, the use of chip cards for expanded functions and the question of whether NFC should be used or not.

But how is it possible for access control solutions to migrate data efficiently in large companies that have a vast number of reader points and hundreds or even thousands of transponder cards? Solution providers can score points in this department if they show flexibility when it comes to the transponders that they use and when installing reading devices.

It is no longer advisable to use just any RFID standards for security-critical solutions. Experts have warned against 125-kHz transponders particularly, as they are insecure. They also recommend replacing older generations of RFID.

There are also scenarios where it would still be a good idea to replace them, even though modern standards are being implemented: One such scenario is the standardisation of isolated applications for physical access control, identification and permissions management. Another migration scenario would be, for example, when systems for access control, time management and payment are to be merged onto a card with cryptography tokens for IT authentication.

Access control system providers should be prepared for these kinds of scenarios. In the case of smaller companies, it might be practical to suggest a cut-off date by which the client should exchange all of the cards. However, if there are hundreds or thousands of cards, it would not be possible to avoid using both old and new systems simultaneously. Elatec RFID Systems are in a position to tackle this particular challenge faced by system manufacturers head on: Multi-standard readers give manufacturers huge flexibility in terms of RFID standards.

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