The rise of GaN on Si to take on high-power and high-volume markets: Page 3 of 3

December 03, 2014 // By Jean-Pierre Joosting
GaN technology has already made an impact on the high performance and RF market, but according to MACOM this is just the beginning. The company is in a unique position to offer customers products in most process technologies including GaAs, InP, SiGe, SiPh, GaN and CMOS.
GaN on SiC technology.

MACOM committed to driving GaN

MACOM holds 50 GaN device/materials patents and 200 U.S. and foreign patents. The company has positioned itself to drive GaN on Si to volume production eventually using 8” wafers. By leveraging the scale volume of the silicon industry, which is two orders of magnitude greater than even the GaAs handset market, MACOM expect to soon be able to leverage GaN for cost-sensitive applications.

A variety of packaging options, which support end market applications, is also a critical performance and cost factor which must be considered for a complete product implementation. Recently, the company has introduced surface mount plastic packaging for high power devices. Plastic packaged high power GaN enables designers to adopt conventional surface mount manufacturing and enables system size and weight reductions. In this way, the adoption of GaN in plastic facilitates system manufacturing cost reduction together with test efficiencies associated with high volume plastic packaging. The arrival of GaN in plastic devices has provided system designers the flexibility to reach power levels up to 90 W without the size or weight penalties typically associated with packaged transistors.

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