Self-powered image sensor could charge smartphone: Page 3 of 3

April 20, 2015 // By Peter Clarke
A research team at Columbia University, New York, has developed a prototype video camera that can power itself and for a well-lit scene can produce an image a second indefinitely.
Nayar points out that such a camera could be used as an energy harvester to continuously to top up a rechargeable battery in a mobile device or other piece of equipment. "We took an extreme approach to demonstrate that the sensor is indeed truly self-powered and used just a capacitor to store the harvested energy."

Professor Nayar continued: "Even though we've used off-the-shelf components to demonstrate our design, our sensor architecture easily lends itself to a compact solid-state imaging chip. We believe our results are a significant step forward in developing an entirely new generation of cameras that can function for a very long duration – ideally, forever – without being externally powered."

The team is presenting its work at the International Conference on Computational Photography at Rice University in Houston, April 24 to 26.

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