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October 03, 2012 // By Peter Clarke
STMicroelectronics NV is pushing a system-in-package (SIP) approach to MEMS which it claims will yield wireless MEMS components by the end of 2013 and could see integration of gas sensors in environmental MEMS in 2014.
on domestic and body-worn applications.

The fifth element

The fifth element is a little further out. That is the integration of gas sensors which should come in 2014.

The gas and humidity sensors are a natural fit with ST's family of membrane-based environmentally connected sensors. Gas sensors, like pressure sensors and microphones, need a physical connection to the atmosphere explained Vigna.

Vigna expects ST to have a pressure, temperatureand humidity sensor in one package in 2013 with various types of gas sensor to be added later. "The gas sensor will be added as another die or potentially the sensing layer can be integrated with the humidity sensor. The gases that customers are looking to detect include CH4, CO, methane, NO."

But overall it is the system-in-package approach that allows this incremental progress at minimum cost, maximum flexibility and best time to market, Vigna concluded.

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