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October 08, 2012 // By Paul Beaver, Anite
Global LTE deployments are continuing to rise and the technology is gaining ever more market recognition. However, LTE currently possesses a key limitation that the industry is actively looking to resolve – the issue of voice.
commercial possibility.

A rigorous testing program will be a decisive factor in determining the success of VoLTE’s introduction – particularly in consideration of the variety of implementations taking place. This could be a costly and labour intensive process. By leveraging lab-based testing, handset manufacturers, chipset vendors and mobile operators can utilise a simulated network environment to test both component interoperability and audio quality. By adopting this method of testing, operators no longer rely on live network testing and expensive, time consuming device field trials. Meticulous VoLTE testing can be performed more easily and at a reduced cost. Lab based testing can help to ensure that VoLTE works as expected and in turn, will maintain mobile operators as the leading service providers in the mobile voice market.

The author, Paul Beaver is the Products Director at Anite, www.anite.com.

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