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May 06, 2015 // By Steve Hratko, Ruckus Wireless
More and more mobile operators are integrating Wi-Fi into their RAN infrastructure to supplement data network coverage, support LTE rollouts, and even introduce new Wi-Fi calling services. Steve Hratko, Director of Service Provider Marketing at Ruckus Wireless, explains how operators can make the most of integrating Wi-Fi into their network core.
The key to enabling a true Wi-Fi calling service is again, making use of a smart carrier class Wi-Fi network infrastructure. To address some of the issues that could hinder good Wi-Fi calling, operators need to include adaptive antenna technology, which enables operators to deliver a strong signal to the user’s device in almost any situation. Wi-Fi calling solutions should also include mechanisms that prioritise voice traffic, even when it’s encrypted. Additionally, they must be capable of enabling fast handoff to keep users talking while they move around in the coverage area; and call admission control to limit the load of data being transferred across the network.

With these carrier class features in place, a great deal of smartphone voice traffic will be able move over to Wi-Fi.
The Extra Mile

Carrier class Wi-Fi has come of age due to a range of improvements to the technology, as well as the competitive advantages that it offers operators. Smart carrier class Wi-Fi is in now an integral, strategic technology for operators who are looking to provide data where it’s needed and whenever it’s needed, such as urban environments, which are typically challenging coverage areas from a cellular radio perspective.

The applications of carrier class Wi-Fi are only truly realised when operators use Wi-Fi that meets users’ expectations in terms of quality and service. The operators that integrate smart carrier class Wi-Fi into their network offerings will be at a distinct competitive advantage to those who remain ignorant to its capabilities.

Steve Hratko, Director of Service
Provider Marketing at Ruckus Wireless.


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