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July 02, 2012 // By Jean-Pierre Joosting
Oslo, Norway — Nordic Semiconductor have launched the nRF51 Series ULP wireless SoCs, which cut power consumption, increase RF performance, and free designers from proprietary software frameworks
kB of RAM, leaving more that 128 kB flash and 10 kB RAM for application code.

For proprietary applications the nRF51822 is complemented by an improved Gazell™ 2.4 GHz RF protocol stack providing interoperability with nRF24L Series Gazell-based applications. It consumes 30 percent less than the previous generation nRF24LE1.


The nRF51422 Flash-based ANT SoC is the world’s first single chip solution for ANT applications. It is a third generation Nordic ANT solution, and an ideal fit for cost, power, and size-constrained applications such as sports, fitness, and healthcare sensors.

The SoC supports Broadcast, Acknowledged, and Burst communication modes. It provides support for up to eight concurrent ANT channels and a 60 kbps burst rate – 300% faster than previous generation. The nRF51422 requires less than 32 kB of code space and 2 kB of RAM, leaving more that 224 kB of Flash and 14 kB of RAM available for application code.

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