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October 20, 2016 // By Abhishek Gupta and Imran Mohammed, Cypress Semiconductor
Bluetooth technology has revolutionized wireless communications between devices with its ubiquitous and simple characteristics. It allows devices to communicate without cables while maintaining high levels of security. Because of its low power and low cost, Bluetooth has played a pivotal role in the evolution of applications from high-speed automotive devices to complex medical devices.

Content delivery – Attendees can avoid the long wait for a copy of the presentation slides via email. BLE beacons can recognize attendees at a session and automatically deliver slides, e-books, and other collateral during or immediately after the session.

Auto check-in – Event organizers can easily gather information on the number of people attending an event or a trade show and view their profiles in real-time by setting up beacons to simulate check-ins at the entrance of the conference venue. This requires no manual interaction from users. If a user has downloaded the app and enabled Bluetooth on his/her mobile device, the app will automatically check-in as soon as the user walks into the venue.

A mature ecosystem is already available for BLE development. Developers have access to a wide range of chips and modules that can speed both hardware and software development of BLE-enabled devices. For example, Cypress offers its PSoC 4 BLE processor based on the ARM Cortex-M0 core that integrates analogue front ends, digital logic, CapSense (touch sensing), and a Bluetooth LE radio for a one-chip approach to BLE. For OEMs preferring a fully integrated module, the Cypress EZ-BLE PRoC module is a 10×10×1.8 mm certified and programmable BLE module designed for ease-of-use and reduced time-to-market built around Cypress’s PRoC BLE chip.

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