Beating the jitter bug – how to apply multiple measurement strategies to identify noise source: Page 5 of 5

November 03, 2016 // By Andrea Dodini, Keysight Technologies
Digitising an analogue signal can improve the chances that the information it represents arrives at its destination uncorrupted by electrical noise. However, digital signals can be corrupted if noise signals alter their timing enough to push the transitions in the bitstream out of sync with the sampling point. This ‘jitter’ means the bitstream is misinterpreted, and can be a particular problem at very high data rates.


Jitter robs digital signals of their power to protect the information they carry from interference. Applying multiple measurement strategies can provide more insights about the characteristics and sources of noise than might be expected from what at first seems like a simple time offset of the signal – and so help engineers beat the jitter bug.


About the Author

Andrea Dodini is Marketing Manager at Keysight Technologies for Small and Middle Size Enterprises (SME) and for Keysight Core Product Lines in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and India (EMEAI).


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