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December 07, 2017 // By Jeremy Gumbley
Imagine taking a regular smartphone and turning it into a payment acceptance device with a simple app download. That’s the utopian dream many companies are chasing today and it could bring huge benefits to the payments ecosystem, merchants and consumers as card and mobile payments continue to grow.

Additionally, the industry is still waiting for data from trials that will reveal how customers perceive this change. We can invent all the technology we like, but if consumers don’t feel safe, don’t know how to use it, or it’s too radical, the project will end before it begins.

Finally, such a move can be frightening to the companies involved. Encouraging shoppers to enter sensitive information on standard consumer devices may have huge benefits, but the first time someone compromises it, it’s going to be toxic news that will harm reputations.

So, what’s next?

Fundamentally, close collaboration is essential to the successful future of this technology. We need to look very closely at the data from the trials in Australia, Poland and the UK to identify the best route forward, the potential security challenges and consumer attitudes. Larger trials can then follow. It is important to remember though that this technology will be subject to all manner of attacks, both ethical and otherwise. So, it is important that the industry learns from each of these and adapts quickly.

Beyond the business opportunity, though, we’re all consumers ourselves and this shift is just another example of the continuous evolution of the payment technology industry. We can all appreciate improved ease of use and new functionality that enhances our daily lives. PIN-on-Mobile is poised to do both, we as an industry just need to get it right.


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