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May 23, 2016 // By Narda Safety Test Solutions
Directive 2013/35/EU must be implemented in national legislation by 1st July 2016. Employers will then have to make a risk assessment for every workplace. Suitable measuring equipment is already available.

Employers obliged to act

A new requirement of the EMF Directive is that employers must carry out a risk assessment for every workplace. This does not mean that measurements always have to be made everywhere, though. In many cases, such as in offices or laboratories where only low current devices are used, the compliance statements (CE marks) of the equipment manufacturers are sufficient. However, the sum of the exposure levels must be considered and calculated here where necessary.

In other cases, measurements must be made. If the action levels are exceeded, the employer must take action: Technically, by making use of alternative procedures, adding screening, providing protective equipment; or organizationally, by controlling access, limiting length of stay, operational instructions, etc.

The EMF Directive does not specify particular protective measures or any details of implementation. The guidelines to facilitate implementation of the Directive that the EU Commission cover calculation methods, describe the weighted peak method for the low frequency range, explain how to sum multi-frequency fields in the high frequency range, and give simplified procedures for small and medium-sized businesses as well as the formal requirements that have to be met by employers. This does not mean that there will need to be any changes in the measurement technology itself, however.

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