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May 23, 2016 // By Narda Safety Test Solutions
Directive 2013/35/EU must be implemented in national legislation by 1st July 2016. Employers will then have to make a risk assessment for every workplace. Suitable measuring equipment is already available.

Narda Safety Test Solutions provide a comprehensive program of test equipment for verifying that workplaces comply with 2013/35/EU. Measurements are simplified and incorrect measurements avoided by means of wideband measuring sets that automatically allow for the frequency-dependent action levels, use of the Weighted Peak method, and direct display of the results as a percentage of the action level. Selective measuring equipment allows analysis of individual field sources, while at the same time providing an assessment of the overall field exposure that complies with the Directive. Personal monitors worn on the body give warning even before entering an area where the field strength is above the permitted level. Narda also provides suitable software for further evaluation, documentation, and management of the results.

Figure 3: Person near transmitter.

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