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July 13, 2017 // By Nelson Matthys, VersaSense and Jackie Rutter, Linear Technology
Creating, deploying and configuring applications for Internet of Things (IoT) scenarios remains complex and costly for many users. VersaSense’s Micro Plug-and-Play (MicroPnP) platform addresses this complexity problem and provides a zero-configuration and fully standards-based solution that radically reduces the cost of acquiring, building, and operating wireless sensing and actuation Internet of Things systems at scale. MicroPnP combines true Plug-and-Play integration of sensing and actuation peripherals with Linear Technology’s SmartMesh IP, providing ultra-low power and reliable wireless mesh networking.

Beyond the IPSO Challenge, MicroPnP is being deployed in various sensing scenarios worldwide that range from home energy profiling to data center optimization (Figure 3), industrial facilities (Figure 4), or even farms (Figure 5). For example, in a data center context, Plug-and-Play sensors, such as temperature, humidity, and AC power monitoring sensors, provide a detailed understanding of energy flows in the environment along with monitoring of appliance power consumption, while Plug-and-Play actuators allow for automatic control of appliances.

Figure 3: Energy management for data center optimization.

Next to energy management scenarios, MicroPnP devices are used to monitor machinery and associated factory infrastructure (Figure 4), providing detection and real-time alerts for leaks or irregular machine behavior. In this situation, the MicroPnP mesh network provides an extremely reliable and extensible communications medium that can extend to cover huge industrial facilities, while operating for up to a decade on a single pair of batteries.

Figure 4: Facility monitoring.

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