A 4G phone without apps

March 06, 2018 // By Jean-Pierre Joosting
Currently getting funding at Indiegogo, the Light Phone 2 provides users with a simple 4G phone with e-ink, messaging and other essential tools all in a credit card size format.

The first Light Phone only worked as phone and had an illuminated 10-digit number pad. The idea is to provide users with a minimalistic phone that is used as little as possible, breaking free from the distraction of apps. Essentially, Light Phone is designed to be used as a second phone as a seamless extension of the smartphone. It is an unlocked 2G GSM phone that works independent of a current plan, but uses a unique software platform to enable it to keep the same phone number. The Light Phone is easily set up and controlled via an app on a computer.

The crowdfunded successor, Light Phone 2, adds more features, retaining the small size, simplicity of no apps, but is designed to be more of a standalone device. Light Phone 2 adds features such as messaging and an alarm clock, with the ability to store speed dials and contacts. It looks to build on the success of the first Light Phone, which sold over 10 000 units.

Still in the crowdfunding the stage, the specifications are still being defined – but essentially the Light Phone 2 will add a custom high resolution E-Ink screen, larger microphone and and speaker, USB-C, proximity sensor as well as up and down buttons. An aluminum casing for added durability and waterproofing are being explored.

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