50-W power limiter for X-band

January 05, 2017 // By Jean-Pierre Joosting
RFMW, Ltd., has announced design and sales support for a 50 W power handling VPIN limiter from Qorvo.

The TGL2209-SM protects receiver chains in commercial and military radar and communications systems. Providing frequency coverage from 8 to 12 GHz, flat leakage power is <18. 5 dBm. Both input and output ports are matched to 50 ohms with return loss of >17 dB.

This Qorvo limiter does not require a bias voltage thereby minimizing prime power requirements. Insertion loss is <0.5 dB. The TGL2209-SM is offered in a 4- x 4-mm QFN package. A die version is available as the TGL2209 with similar performance.