Active integration panel reduces cost of base station connections to DAS

January 14, 2014 // By Julien Happich
TE Connectivity’s FlexWave Active Integration Panel (AIP) has been designed to provide multi-carrier, multi-protocol connectivity between mobile operator base stations (BTS) and distributed antenna systems (DAS).

The FlexWave AIP slashes deployment time and costs, improves system configuration flexibility, and enables remote monitoring and control of base station power coming into a DAS. The FlexWave AIP is an integrated BTS-to-DAS interface solution that takes the guesswork and expense out of system commissioning and maintenance. Many BTS-to-DAS interface solutions are designed with a variety of multiple passive products filling up multiple racks of equipment in telecom rooms.

There is extensive cabling connecting these products making adds and changes to the system difficult. Using a variety of components can also introduce RF performance passive intermodulation (PIM) issues, because the components are usually sourced from multiple vendors, and may not be designed to work together. The FlexWave AIP solves these issues by providing a simple, compact, low PIM interface that enables BTS signal splitting and combining, automatic power levelling, and remote and local monitoring and control.

The FlexWave AIP is a rack-mountable unit that supports up to eight BTS TX/RX inputs, so it is well suited for connecting multiple BTS in a multi-operator or neutral host application. The FlexWave AIP handles BTS power levels up to 100 Watts.