AR Modular RF amplifier selected for low level RF driver

August 20, 2014 // By Jean-Pierre Joosting
AR Modular RF has been awarded a repeat order into the most prestigious National Accelerator Laboratories.

Model KAW2100 sets the pace as the proven low-level RF driver amplifier at one of the nation's top Accelerator Laboratories. With the increasing demand for high repeatability and low distortion amplification of critical waveforms, the KAW2100 continues to provide highly reliable and most importantly repeatable performance, delivering in excess of 200-W CW.

The KAW2100's repeatable RF amplifier performance has been maintained even after a great many years of production and therefore continues to be one of the core building blocks in this successful particle accelerator system.

The unit is designed into a very sturdy 19 inch rack assembly complete with AC power supply, extensive heat sinking for the power amplifier module and air fans to keep the unit running cool during very long testing periods.