Beam steering 60 GHz modules support 5G-class services

December 05, 2017 // By Peter Clarke
Lattice Semiconductor has introduced GigaRay 60 GHz modules for beam-steered gigabit data rates in wireless infrastructure applications.

The GigaRay MOD65412 modules support 5G-class services in a part of the spectrum that is license-free in most regions.

The SiBeam phased array antenna and MOD65412 module set supports distances of up to 200m at 1-Gbps TCP/IP and up to 300m at 300-Mbps TCP/IP data bandwidth, with a 45 degree steering range. To support evaluation of the technology and prototype development, Lattice is offering a mini-PC based SK65415 evaluation kit and the SK65412 development kit .

"Urban consumers, enterprises and smart city initiatives are driving the demand for ubiquitous high-speed data in all regions, but at a price point that fiber cannot match," said Neil Bullock, director of business development and strategic marketing at Lattice, in a statement.

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