Bluetooth module draws 3.3mA maximum in Tx and Rx mode

October 10, 2017 // By Julien Happich
The PAN1760A module from Panasonic Industry Europe, built around Toshiba's single chip TC35678 Bluetooth semiconductor device with embedded Toshiba Bluetooth 4.2 LE stack and embedded flash, has a peak power consumption of 3.3mA in Tx and Rx mode.

The 15.6- x 8.7- x 1.9-mm SMD module supports mandatory and optional Bluetooth 4.2 features. The PAN1760A product can either be operated in AT-Command or Host mode for very simple integration of Bluetooth connectivity into existing products, or in Stand-Alone mode. In Stand-Alone mode, with 256 kB flash memory and 83kB RAM for user application, the PAN1760A can be used for many applications without the need for an external processor, saving cost, complexity, and space.


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