Bluetooth SIG developer kits updated to address security, interoperability

September 26, 2016 // By Graham Prophet
The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) has released updates to its developer toolkit line-up. These toolkits enable developers to build “faster and smarter” when creating designs such as mobile apps and low-cost beacons, as well as gateways that control IoT sensors.

“What developers can do today with Bluetooth far surpasses what they could do just a few years ago,” said Steve Hegenderfer, Director of Developer Programs, Bluetooth SIG. “Whether it’s connecting a Bluetooth device to the web, using beacons to develop unique proximity solutions, or even just learning about how all of these wireless sensors work and operate, Bluetooth delivers the powerful technology, tools, and trainings to easily prototype, test, scale, and bring to market solutions with real user benefits.”

Updates to the Bluetooth Developer Toolkit line include:

Bluetooth Secure Gateway Toolkit – This toolkit provides example components and simple initial set-up, in-depth and hands-on labs, and enhanced security components to create an Internet gateway that gives people the ability to monitor and control their Bluetooth sensors remotely. Developers can now expand IoT functionality in their products and leverage industry leading, government-grade security features introduced in Bluetooth 4.2. Devices can now connect directly with this gateway via a secure connection without the need for a smartphone or tablet to serve as the go-between.

Bluetooth Starter Kit – This training package with hands-on labs and sample source code introduces developers to Bluetooth, giving them the foundational knowledge to add the wireless connectivity to products and apps. The latest version includes updated hardware to a new Arduino-compatible interface that is more cost efficient, and the labs now use Bluetooth Developer Studio to help makers build their first Bluetooth device. Updates are also coming to Bluetooth Developer Studio to allow developers to create consistent Bluetooth implementations across multiple chipsets and platforms, speeding time to market and enabling higher quality and interoperability for Bluetooth services.

Application Accelerator 2.1 – This toolkit helps third-party developers build Bluetooth apps on phones, tablets, and PCs with support for Android 6.0, iOS 9, Windows 10, Tizen, and Blackberry.

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