Casambi and Danlers collaborate on Bluetooth mesh connected daylight sensors

November 14, 2017 // By Julien Happich
Smart wireless lighting control technologies provider Casambi announced a partnership with Danlers to enable wireless Bluetooth control of Danlers' new range of energy saving occupancy sensors with daylight control.

The companies expect that by combining Casambi's intelligent software and Danlers' controls, energy saving of up to 60 percent could be realized depending on the application.

Casambi enables Bluetooth mesh network based lighting control without needing a wired gateway or Wi-Fi network connection. The platform already offers existing support for presence sensors which can be used to control individual or groups of smart luminaires and light bulbs automatically when an area is occupied.

In response to changing daylight levels throughout the day, end users of Danlers Casambi-enabled PIR sensors will be able to quickly and easily manage settings via Casambi’s updated app. As part of the Casambi system, users can also adjust colour temperature automatically to desired levels in a smooth and even manner.

“Our customers are looking to take advantage of ambient light and maximize energy efficiency. By using Danlers products along with the new version of the Casambi app, they are empowered with a retrofit solution that helps them easily control lighting and without needing to buy any additional hardware or software,” commented Julian Kay, Managing Director at Danlers.

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