CES 2018: Smartphone app measures box size in one step

December 26, 2017 // By Jean-Pierre Joosting
My Size, Inc., a developer and creator of smartphone measurement applications, has upgraded its BoxSizeID application so that users will be able to measure an object with their smartphone in just one step, instead of the currently used customary three steps.

The technological upgrade has been enabled by the development of a new and innovative algorithm which is intended to make the box measurement process simpler and shorter than ever. Historically, measurement of boxes required the examination of each side of the box, examining three different parameters – height, length and depth. Now, with the use of the upgraded BoxSizeID, boxes can be measured in a single step by placing the smartphone at the top corner of the box and holding it in the air while moving to the opposite bottom corner. The measurement process for an average box will take just a few seconds. Using this single measurement, the BoxSizeID algorithm will derive the box's three dimensions (height, length and depth). The algorithm is currently in the initial stages of testing.

"The tremendous global growth in online commerce requires shipping companies to operate in a completely different manner – more efficiently, quickly and accurately - than in the past. This is where our application fits in as it continues to help shipping companies by improving and streamlining their work processes and saving them time and money," says Ronen Luzon, My Size CEO. "I am convinced that the new algorithm that our R&D team worked on diligently, will further improve the application and bring forth a different, better, faster and more accurate reality for the shipping companies."

BoxSizeID is an intuitive box measurement application which enables customers to quickly and easily measure the size of the box and accurately calculate the shipping fees. BoxSizeID also provides shipping companies a variety of precise logistical data for more efficiently managing their shipping processes, even before the parcels arrive at their distribution centers. According to Accenture Consulting, the parcel post market is expected to grow by 9 percent per year and reach over $343 billion by 2020.

At CES 2018 , the company will be showing its latest products.


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