Cisco files blockchain system patent for IoT device tracking: Page 2 of 2

October 23, 2017 // By Rich Pell
Networking giant Cisco Systems (San Jose, CA) has filed a patent application that proposes a blockchain system to track Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

"In some aspects, a fog/edge/root device may act as a proxy to update node information in the block chain on behalf of the nodes, so as not to require nodes with constrained resources to perform the updates themselves. In another aspect, any new and unconfirmed information regarding a particular node can be validated against the block chain before updating the block chain, accordingly. In a further aspect, devices in the network can also use the block chain to control the behavior of a node in the network, e.g., by confirming the identity of the node, associating a trust level with the node, performing anomaly detection, and the like."

The techniques described, says the filing, may be performed by hardware, software, and/or firmware.

Recently, Cisco co-founded the Trusted IoT Alliance, a consortium of 17 companies to help establish a protocol for a blockchain-based IoT. Earlier this year, members of the group announced an IoT protocol that registers devices using a blockchain-compatible application program interface (API).

Trusted IoT Alliance

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