CommAgility DSP and RF modules chosen by Hermon Laboratories for LTE handset test

February 18, 2013 // By Jean-Pierre Joosting
CommAgility has announced that its Advanced Mezzanine Card (AdvancedMC) modules are being used in the latest LTE test equipment from Hermon Laboratories. CommAgility will be at the Hermon Laboratories booth at Mobile World Congress to demonstrate how its DSP processing and RF boards have helped Hermon to create cost-effective, high performance LTE test products.

Hermon uses CommAgility’s AMC-2C6670 and AMC-RF2x2 modules in its G9200 Radio Conformance Analyzer, which provides a complete test solution for LTE handsets. The CommAgility boards provide processing power and RF capabilities that enable G9200 to achieve the high performance and compact size required by Hermon.

G9200 provides a ‘lab in a box’ that integrates multiple testing technologies into a single 6U unit, compared to competitor solutions that require a larger, more expensive rack. The testing provided includes RF and radio measurements, protocol analysis, performance testing, TCP/IP application and performance testing, as well as voice quality and Voice over LTE (VoLTE) testing.

The AMC-2C6670 is a high performance signal processing AMC card for 4G wireless baseband and test equipment, including LTE and LTE Advanced. It provides two Texas Instruments TMS320C6670 DSPs, each with four 1.2 GHz C66x cores, as well as a Xilinx Virtex-6 LX240T FPGA. Flexible I/O includes a 20 Gbps Gen2 Serial RapidIO infrastructure, full Gigabit Ethernet, and three front panel SFP+ optical interfaces.

The AMC-RF2x2 is a wideband, highly flexible dual channel RF card, aimed at LTE and LTE Advanced applications. It provides two RF ports supporting both FDD and TDD modes across all LTE and LTE Advanced bands. Digital down converter (DDC) and digital up converter (DUC) operations are conducted by integrated firmware within the on-board Xilinx Virtex-6 FPGA. Two SFP sockets support a CPRI or OBSAI interface.