Complete line of PIM rated jumpers

February 03, 2014 // By Jean-Pierre Joosting
Times Microwave Systems has anounced a full line of PIM rated jumper cables, including PIM rated jumpers for plenum applications.

PIM testing includes the important dynamic testing in order for cables for provide good PIM performance after installation. All these PIM assemblies are 100% tested for static and dynamic PIM and verified to provide stable PIM performance prior to shipment.

In addition plenum rated cables need to be UL listed and printed with the UL file number, otherwise a building inspector may not allow them to be installed or may require them to be removed after they are installed. All the company's plenum cables are UL listed and printed with the UL file number.

PIM rated jumper cables include: SPP™ — plenum rated and UL listed; SPF™ — fire retardant for riser use; and SPO™ — outdoor rated.