Deutsche Telekom incubator targets 5G with low latency prototyping: Page 2 of 2

October 20, 2017 // By Jean-Pierre Joosting
Deutsche Telekom incubator is launching hub:raum Low Latency Prototyping in both Krakow and Berlin – a special program that will leverage Edge Computing technology to foster the development of innovative 5G enabled use cases in Europe. Companies can now apply to become partners.

Low latency is key

After entering the 5G era, it is predicted that autonomic cars will go out into the street and safely drive passengers from point A to point B, informing them about the other major events on the road like traffic jams or fallen trees.

What can be considered as the real breakthrough is low latency in data transmission - video transmissions benefit as it is where the delay will be completely unnoticeable. Fans of VR and AR games will also enjoy immersive and real time gaming experiences due to the capabilities that Edge Computing and later enhanced with 5G brings to the next level.

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The hub:raum Low Latency Prototyping program is targeted to mature businesses as well as entrepreneurs or innovators who see the potential and need of low latency networks and computing as the fundaments for 5G capabilities in their projects. It also invites leading technical universities to cooperate with this testing.

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