Development kit enables rapid prototyping for IoT

August 28, 2014 // By Jean-Pierre Joosting
Broadcom Corporation has introduced a development kit into its Wireless Internet Connectivity for Embedded Devices (WICED™) family to enable developers to rapidly prototype ideas and concepts for IoT devices and applications.

The WICED Sense development kit is an all-in-one IoT prototyping kit that includes tha company's latest Bluetooth Smart chip, five micro electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) and has a software stack that is Bluetooth 4.1 compatible.

The WICED Sense kit provides innovators of all sizes a cost-effective platform that minimizes set-up time and enables rapid demos of IoT concepts for hardware and software developers. By shortening the time between early ideas and end products, companies are able to deliver devices to market more quickly and with higher confidence in their success.

"With hundreds of new ideas for applications and devices for the Internet of Things being hatched daily, it is critical that developers can quickly test their concepts and bring them to market ahead of the competition," said Brian Bedrosian, Broadcom Senior Director, Embedded Wireless, Wireless Connectivity.

The development kit allows even non-technical designers to take advantage of the company's industry-leading Bluetooth technology and low-power MEMS sensors to build custom applications. The user can simply unbox the WICED Sense kit, download the WICED Sense application to their smartphone and then pair the two devices using Bluetooth Smart in order to start experimenting with sensor technology like direction, humidity, speed and atmospheric pressure.

Use cases range from a single sensor technology to sophisticated programs gathering and analyzing data from multiple sensors.

The WICED Sense development kit includes the BCM20737 Bluetooth Smart system in package (SiP) module and five low-power MEMS sensors:

  1. Gyroscope to enable motion control, gaming and GPS;
  2. Accelerometer to enable impact recognition and vibration monitoring;
  3. E-compass to enable map rotation, position detection and motion activated applications;
  4. Barometer for altimeter, weather station equipment and smart watches; and
  5. Humidity and temperature for home automation products, air conditioning, heating and ventilation.

Certified by Federal Communications Commission (FCC), Conformité Européenne (CE) and TELEC, the development kit uses a micro USB connector to speed up and simplify application updates and features Secure Over-the-air (OTA) download capability