Doppler range sensor heads

April 07, 2014 // By Jean-Pierre Joosting
Model SRU series, ranging sensor heads are designed for long range distance detection where the sensitivity is essential.

The ranging sensors are used for moving targets (where the Doppler shift is presented) distance detection. Four configurations are offered for special applications. The single channel versions are used for speed and distance sensing only while dual channel versions are offered for speed, distance and direction sensing.

In addition, dual antenna versions are offered for high power to eliminate the limited TX/RX isolation problems due to the diplexer. The single antenna versions are constructed with a high performance horn antenna or lens corrected antenna, a linear to circular polarizer and T/R diplexer, a single side band up-converter or modulator, a balanced mixer or an I-Q mixer and an amplifier and a high performance Gunn Oscillator. The deviation of the dual antenna version is that an additional antenna is used and no diplexer is required.

Standard products are offered at 35.0 GHz, while other frequency bands are available upon request.