EasyET eases implementation and configuration of ET-enabled RF front ends

February 20, 2014 // By Jean-Pierre Joosting
EasyET from Nujira is a development toolkit that radically simplifies the deployment of envelope tracking ET and enables handset designers to achieve maximum RF front end system performance with minimal design effort.

EasyET is a combination of PA characterization tools, reference hardware and a suite of software that reduces ET development time for platform vendors and handset OEMs by up to three months. By maximizing flexibility, EasyET enables rapid development and performance tuning of multiple region-specific RF front end platform configurations.

Julian Hildersley, VP of Applications at Nujira, said: "We know ET is a complicated technology to get right. The hardware challenges of ET have largely been resolved, but new demands on the RF front end have made software development much more complex. One of Nujira’s strengths is our system and software expertise and, with the introduction of EasyET, we are streamlining the design flow and removing the software bottlenecks for chipset vendors and handset OEMs.

“You can compare ET to the introduction of fuel injection in the automotive industry – while the additional system complexity initially lengthened the development cycle, the technology quickly became universally adopted because the ultimate benefits were too significant to ignore. The benefits of ET are apparent to everyone and EasyET makes unlocking them significantly easier.”