First successful live over-the-air VoLTE call on U.S. LTE Cat M1 network

June 30, 2017 // By Jean-Pierre Joosting
Verizon's LTE network has carried a live over-the-air LTE Cat M1 VoLTE call for the first time, laying the foundation for the next generation of IoT connectivity.

By proving CAT M1 VoLTE technology works on a production network, Verizon, along with Ericsson and Qualcomm Technologies Inc., demonstrated that the reach of Cat M1 can extend across Verizon's U.S. LTE network, fostering growth opportunities for IoT companies and developers, whether they are focused on data-only or voice-enabled product.

"Extending VoLTE technology on Verizon's nationwide LTE Cat M1 network is the natural next step in the evolution of IoT," said Rosemary McNally, vice president for corporate technology at Verizon. "By proving that voice services can be delivered on a production LTE Cat M1 network, we're paving the way for new types of IoT applications and services."

In addition to its ubiquity, Cat M1 brings efficiency, extended coverage and security advantages to the market. Cat M1 is designed for devices that require extended battery life, which enables a variety of applications from water meters to wearables to asset trackers and consumer electronics. This technology also allows signals to better penetrate walls and floors to reach devices located in remote locations. Cat M1 is a 3GPP-based technology that is deployed on licensed spectrum, owned and operated by one entity, which means IoT traffic traverses a more secure network.

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