Fixed attenuator pads cover DC to 50 GHz

May 19, 2014 // By Jean-Pierre Joosting
SemiGen has announced that a series of fixed attenuator pads are now available from their RF Supply Center.

The company’s advanced thin-film technology allows these attenuator pads to have full side wraps for SMT installation and a complete grounding backside for ease in attachment. No ground bonding is required. Top side contacts for the input and output make these ideal for standard RF and microwave assembly techniques. Custom values are easy to fabricate and design allowing users to design in a specific value of choice.

SemiGen fixed attenuator pads come in a range of power handling options from medium- to high-power (1-W to 5-W CW). They offer flat response from DC to 50 GHz, return losses of >18 dB from DC to 14 GHz and >16 dB from 15 to 50 GHz. Temperature stability (TCR) is <100 ppm. The footprint size is 0.030- by 0.030-inches on most all designs.

Semigen is an ISO and ITAR registered.