Forrester sees IoT reshaping businesses in 2018

November 23, 2017 // By Rich Pell
Market research firm Forrester Research has assembled its list of Internet of Things (IoT) predictions for 2018, with a focus on its impact on business.

The IoT, says Forrester, extends beyond devices and connectivity to include analytics, data management and monitoring, and security. In 2018, the company predicts, the IoT will move from experimentation to "business scale."

"IoT is re-shaping how businesses are organized, including the roles and responsibilities of individuals — and how they work together," says Christopher Voce, Vice President, Research Director at Forrester. "Capturing the promise of any of these scenarios requires organizations to collaborate in new ways."

The firm's latest predictions are designed to help organizations look ahead and prepare for "what's in store" next year.

One key prediction is that IoT platform offerings will begin to specialize in “design” and “operate” scenarios. "Design" use case scenarios involve creating connected offerings or environments to engage with customers, while "operate" use cases enhance processes and create new efficiencies or enhance customer experiences.

While buyers today looking for an IoT platform can choose from a broad landscape of platforms – including AWS IoT, General Electric (GE) Predix, and Microsoft Azure IoT Suite – only some may suit a company's specific IoT needs. In 2018, says Forrester, expect platforms to specialize to suit the specific needs of their audiences – whether creating new connected products or deploying a connected process.

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