Frequency reference system offers low cost of ownership

July 07, 2014 // By Jean-Pierre Joosting
SecureSync®, from Aspen Electronics, combines Spectracom’s precision master clock technology and secure network-centric approach with a compact modular hardware design offering a powerful time and frequency reference system at the lowest cost of ownership.

The modular, rugged chassis design, with built-in time and frequency functions can be extended with up to 6 input/output modules. Included with the base unit is an extremely accurate 1PPS timing signal aligned to a 10-MHz frequency signal without any 10-MHz phase discontinuity. Different internal oscillators are available depending on your requirement for holdover and phase noise.

On-board clocks synchronize to a variety of external references including GPS and GLONASS. Users can choose from a variety of option cards to add to their configuration of timing signals, including additional 1PPS, 10-MHz, time code (IRIG, ASCII, HaveQuick), other frequencies (5-MHz, 2.048-MHz, 1.544-MHz), telecom T1/E1 data rates, multi-network NTP, and PTP. Modules can be customized to exact requirements.

To support network time synchronization, SecureSync® supports the latest features of network time protocol (NTP) and precision time protocol (PTP, IEEE-1588v2). An optional multi-port NTP configuration allows for operation across 4 isolated LAN segments. Up to 6 PTP ports can be added to operate in various PTP deployments.

SecureSync® is a security-hardened network appliance designed to meet rigorous network security standards and best practices. It ensures accurate timing through multiple references, tamper-proof management, and extensive logging. Robust network protocols are used to allow for easy but secure configuration. Features can be enabled or disabled based on your network policies. Installation is aided by DHCP (IPv4), AUTOCONF (IPv6), and a front-panel keypad and display. SecureSync® is powered by AC on an IEC60320 connector with DC as back-up, or as primary, if required.

Many industries and applications rely on precise timing and Spectracom have designed a number of specific configurations for; PTP Grandmaster, Enterprise, Land Mobile Radio and military/defence SASSM applications to name a few.