FSK and OFDM sub-GHz system-on-chip targets industrial IoT and smart cities

September 07, 2017 // By Jean-Pierre Joosting
Gridbee Communications S.A.S., has released its GDB1000 SoC for sub-GHz wireless communications, which is compliant with IEEE 802.15.4g/u/v. This is the first SoC capable of both FSK/OFDM modulations and embeds all processing power (MCU and flash memory) necessary for smart grid, smart cities and industrial applications.

The device provides two power amplifier outputs (one internal PA delivering + 18 dBm and a second for external PA up to +30 dBm) and exhibits a receiver sensitivity of -98 dBm at 800 kb/s and -104 dBm at 400 kb/s OFDM data rate. The high link budget guarantees successful communication over 2.5 km distance at 800 kb/s.

Gridbee GDB1000 offers both MR-FSK and MR-OFDM modulations and supports data rates from 50 kb/s up to 800 kb/s for distances ranging from few hundreds of meters to a few kilometers. The SoC features a large amount of memory (768 kB of flash, 128 kB of RAM), a full set of standard interfaces (USB, SPI, I²C, UART...) and a 256 bits capable hardware AES encryption engine enabling secure, fast and reliable software upgrades over the air. Leveraging the high performance, power efficient capabilities of the GDB1000 processor, customers can run a very efficient and secure mesh network while processing data from the edge allowing for faster decision making.

"The GDB1000 anticipates and enables more data exchange in IoT applications and our chip will have strong demand from multiple different applications," said, Stephane Laurent, VP Sales & Marketing and co-founder.

Evaluation kits have been sampled to lead customer in India and Korea and starting end of Q3 2017 for general customers.


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