GenX Mobile bases 3G HSPA and CDMA vehicle tracking platforms on u-blox wireless modem technology

November 30, 2011 // By Jean-Pierre Joosting
GenX Mobile has introduced its 3G HSPA product line for the vehicle tracking market. At the core of the platform is u-blox' compact LISA wireless module series, claiming to be the world's smallest 3G modem family, and a u-blox 6 GPS receiver module.

3G HSPA increases bandwidth and performance by using improved modulation schemes and protocols by which wireless products and base stations communicate. A soon to be released 1xRTT version, the LISA-C200, will allow operation on CDMA networks, the largest wireless footprint in North America.

“Our latest vehicle tracking platform is an ideal solution for Mobile Resource Management, vehicle tracking and many other location-aware applications. The platform capitalizes on u‑blox’ advanced 3G modem technology to give our customers cutting-edge wireless communication capabilities and features,” said Dave Mleczko, President and COO of GenX Mobile, Inc. “Not only is our platform compatible with major 3G wireless carriers such as AT&T, u‑blox’ LISA form factor will allow us to create a single hardware design that supports all North American mobile operators such as AT&T (GSM, WCDMA) as well as Sprint and Verizon (CDMA).”

GenX Mobile is first to market with a 3G vehicle tracking product line to meet the demands of the 2G to 3G transition promoted by AT&T. The solution allows customers to future-proof their service offerings and stay competitive.

The 3G HSPA products are cost effective, yet robust wireless fleet tracking units designed for fleet managers and service providers. They include several new features and enhancements like high-speed internet tethering, an integrated auto-calibrating tri-axis accelerometer for driver safety and performance monitoring, Garmin FMI support including store and forward capability, interfaces for four single-wire peripherals like temperature sensors, and iButton for Driver ID.

In addition to 3G HSPA, GenX Mobile offers a product line that also supports GPRS and CDMA wireless carrier networks using the same basic hardware.

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