Glassbox analytics to power digital transformation for mobile operators

January 17, 2017 // By Jean-Pierre Joosting
Glassbox, an Amdocs partner, will be showing mobile operators how to power their digital transformation at Mobile World Congress 2017 – specifically the company will demonstrate how its systems capture, retrieve and analyse every digital session exactly as it was experienced by the customer, no matter what device, browser or app used.

Being able to fully understand the customer journey with a unified platform for both web and mobile applications, how customers behave online, provide contact centre agents visibility into customers online experiences and keep an accurate record of all transactions has become an essential requirement.

COO and co-founder at Glassbox, Yoav Schrieber, commented: "This ability has been desirable for businesses ever since the dawn of online commerce, but increasingly it has become a vital function for all digital businesses, especially with a raft of legislation being implemented across the world and the continual drive for digital transformation. We are working with some of the largest telecoms organisations to help them in their effort to accelerate these vital digital transformations."

One such example is the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which will affect all EU members' states and any organisation using data relating to its citizens. Being able to accurately record and search online transactions is now as important for legal compliance as it is for settling customer disputes and queries.

Glassbox provides cutting-edge technology which offers proactive insights, ensuring a business is automatically made aware of trends, performance issues or behaviours that could be of interest. It is also able to create reports based on free-text input, and allows tag-less in-page analytics which drives business users' self-sufficiency. Impressively, the system can be deployed within a matter of weeks.

The Glassbox technology is also truly scalable, catering up to the busiest of online traffic, matching growth as required. Business operators can also choose to host the collected data securely on-premise or in the cloud, with Glassbox using patented compression technology to achieve low TCO, along with full security and privacy protection.